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Oh man, you guys have got to try this place out! Every Sunday, my grandmother and I go take in a late breakfast (and sometimes stop through the week for lunch if we can) at a great little hole in the wall called the Café Contrary.

This is place is absolutely amazing! Their regular menu faire is a well executed array of the favorites, including a version of onion rings that are not the klunky, obscene globs most places serve.

This morning I went, and took one look at the specials board. There it was. Breakfast Tostadas. Their specials board usually has at least one dish on it that will make you involuntarily WTF, guaranteed. But you MUST try it.

So you know, the Breakfast Tostadas are composed of, in order from bottom to top, a lightly grilled corn tortilla, refried beans, taco meat, shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, an egg over-easy, a little more cheese for effect, and some pic de gallo. You get two of these, with sides of homemade taco sauce and guacamole. They. Were. Amazing! The full effect of it, along with the runny egg yolk and a small glob of the guacamole, was gustatory heaven. I will not say that it was a “light” breakfast. By no means was this congolmeration of Mexican goodness and cholesterol-laden embryo for the faint of heart or challenged of cardiovascular system. But it tasted good!

In the past, I have also been subject to many many of the head cook’s creations. Some of the notables:

Cap’n Crunch French Toast. Yes, ladies and gents, French toast, dredged through lightly crushed Cap’n Crunch cereal, quick fried on the griddle, then baked off to finish in a salamander. A little butter, touch of syrup, and voila! A breakfast a stoner would die for, and I thought was downright damned amazing.

The Contrary. Another congolmeration. This is comprised of two scrambled eggs, a biscuit with sausage gravy, hash browns (made from real potatoes, not preformed patties) and a hot sausage complete with sauce, peppers and onions. On one plate. With one fork. It was heaven. The hot sausage sauce was wonderful on the potatoes and eggs, the gravy was perfectly peppery, and the biscuit was just light enough.

The Morning Mix-up. This is a regular menu item for breakfast. Comrpised of three eggs, scrambled with fried potatoes, peppers and onions, cheese, and your choice of bacon, ham or sausage. Served in one bowl, it is all of breakfast in one happy little container. If your appetite isn’t big, share with a friend.

The 18 Wheeler. While not necessarily a grand item fit for some kind of “eat it and it’s free” challenge, this burger is still daunting. Big enough you need a third hand to hold it, it is perfectly cooked, not overdone, and seasoned wonderfully. The fries they add are a bit much, even on the side, but dear Lord… if you can eat a whole one of these, you are (most likely) a larger person than me.

There is more, as well as a daily menu of homemade pies and desserts. I am telling you people… Go there!

And for God’s sake, tip ‘em well!


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  1. While Ari wouldn’t likely groove to this vibe, I’ve definitely got the temptation vrumming.

    Num food has taken a much larger priority in my life it seems xD

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