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So I did it last night.  I finally summed up the gumption to write a proposal letter for my campaign setting and send it in to a publication company.  Goodman Games, out of Chicago IL.  I took some bits and pieces of the material I have written and composed what I feel was solid and intriguing view of the world as I have crafted it.

And I am seriously scared shitless.

I know, it’s weird, but I really do put a lot of myself into my writing, and especially my games.  I go out of my way to make then interesting, fun and enveloping.  I also do my best to make the numbers play second fiddle to, but support fully, the storylines and flavor.

This is the first serious time I have submitted something this extensive for publication.  I have been printed in a couple small magazines for my short stories, and submitted a number of proposals for gaming magazine articles.  This time, though, it’s the real deal big time.  God, let this go well.


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