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There are few things in this world as wonderful as friends.  That being said, tonight was something amazing; something out of a damn John Hughes’ movie.

A friend of mine from a long time ago let me know she was coming into town this past week, and her parents were having a picnic.  I jumped at the chance to get together with her (and meet her new fiance, who shares a name with me!), and some of our other old friends from the just-post high-school era of our lives.  I got to the picnic, her dad remembered me on sight (even though it’s been literally 10 years since he last saw me), her mom hugged me, and we sat down.

It was wonderful.  Her new fiance is a hell of nice guy, who fit in pretty damn well.  Phil and his fiance stopped by, and things were fun.  And then we got in touch with another old friend, Jason, and decided to meet at a restaurant to sit and talk.

(As an aside, my friend Phil and his fiance got ONE HELL OF A DEAL on a DAMN NICE HOUSE.  It’s nice to see friends doing well, you know?)

We met at Eat’n’Park, and it was something I will never forget.  Four of us friends from a long time past, two fiances along for the ride and fitting in well.  Granted, what we talked about marked us much older than we once were, but the energy was there.  The laughs were genuine and warm, and there was a camaraderie that brought some warmth to my usually pretty angry heart.  It made me remember that friendship, real friendship is eternal, no matter how much you may screw up.

(And trust me, I have done my fair share, and possibly YOUR fair share, of screwing up so far in my life!)

Jokes, the media, news, talking about homes and houses and futures… It was all just something that seemed a scene out of a movie.  I wasn’t the only bachelor there, but part of me saw how happy two of my friends are, and I was happy for them, and hoped that I get that some day too.

And now the night is closing to an end.  The tickets have been counted, and the house lights are dimming.  It was another successful show, so to speak.  The cast were on cue, the orchestra perfect.  No one missed their lines.

And so I offer this: Those of us that knew us then, and still now, we  hope you are happy, that you find comfort too.  We missed you, we wished you had come along.  We talked of you fondly, and remembered things from that age past.  We hope your families and futures are bright and healthy, and maybe, just maybe, when next we gather, you come too.

Good night, my friends.  The curtain is closing for this show.  Let us all hope the next is as wonderful as this was.



  1. Well said.

  2. Amen…you said it…there is nothing like the comfort you find with old friends….and new friends too!

  3. It was a day and night I will remember for a long time. Hopefully that night will carry me on till our next meeting.

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