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I should know better, I really should know better by now than to stroll along message boards, and check out discussions.  There is a reason I have never gotten into the whole message board thing, and it is because I really most people couldn’t find a reason for their opinions with two hands and a map.  But, for SOME REASON, I find myself from time to time, looking through some gaming message boards.  I don’t know either, maybe it’s a deep-seated need to be enraged.

I was taking a look through 4chan’s /tg board (wherein there are occasionally some good gaming threads going), and just taking a peek around.  I found some pretty cool threads about the new World of Darkness, and people asking for help in making their game.  I can dig it.  A holy Mary fark-ton of Warhammer 40K stuff (as usual), and then came across a thread about a specific 15th level Rogue power from Fourth Edition, called Bloody Dash.  Now I am not going to go into the mechanics of the power, but basically what it is, is that you are a cunning and sly rogue, and go running past your foes, and on the way, twist, spin and dodge in such a way that the poor saps end up smacking themselves instead of you.

Now, let’s discuss something.  We are talking about playing a game of make-believe, where they point is that you are a character in a FANTASY world, where things like magic, dragons, faeries, elves and benevolent dictatorships are truth and fact.  We are suspending our disbelief to the point where a man built like me (6′ tall, 295 lbs., with a thick goatee and glasses) can say that they are Maladriel, the tiny female halfling rogue (think about 4′ tall, and about 85 lbs.)  Do you see where I am going with this?

IF YOU CAN PLAY A GODDAMN FANTASY GAME, AND SUSPEND YOUR DISBELIEF ENOUGH TO ACCEPT ALL THIS OTHER SHIT, WHY IS IT IS DAMN HARD FOR YOU TO BELIEVE A CINEMATIC EFFECT LIKE THE ONE DESCRIBED ABOVE?  Jesus Christ, Jackie Chan has done shit like this for years in his movies.  Anyone else remember the game Stop Hitting Yourself?  (Okay, it was less a game and more a way to torment others).

I know, I shouldn’t let this stuff get to me, but it’s just an example of just how screwed and stupid people are, to me.  I have done shit in a game that would have killed a person in real life, and seen even more extreme and grandiose things done by players at my table.  The idea is to have fun.  To tell a cool story.  And to make memories everyone can chuckle at later.

As for the game mechanics, well for crying out loud, these are the heroes, right?  They are, despite facing near-insurmountable odds and ridiculous adversity, will come through in the clutch with the win, and destroy the opposition.  They are supposed to be the people that save the day, dammit.

I am getting really tired of the Edition Wars.  I played 3 and 3.5, and enjoyed it.  I thought spellcasters were seriously overpowered after about 7th level (I played a wizard to 12th level, and while loving it, was disgusted when I took out a green dragon myself.  I should have been running for cover.)  I like 4, a lot.  It’s much more fun and cinematic now.  And there is a much greater chance of taking it in the face like a pornstar, and going down like one too.  It makes it more interesting.

Look, I am not saying you can’t have your game the way you want it, but don’t use illogic to prove your points.  If you are pissed because something seems unrealistic, then stop playing the games altogether.  BECAUSE IT’S ALL UNREALISTIC, DAMMIT!  Hence the escapist allure.

While we are on the subject of things that piss me off…

A friend of mine got a hold of me last night, talking about how one player was trying to rulesrape to make a character the way he wanted.  He was basically trying to play a cleric that picked up bits and pieces of every class there is.  This pretty much cannot happen in fourth edition.  Sure, you can play a Bard and get access to all the multiclass feats, but you sure as hell are no cleric.

You see, the person in question is attempting to make a cleric assassin.  He tried pulling it in one of my games, and paid for it.  I have no problem with a cool character concept, but when you use it as a reason to rape the system and be Johnny Supercool, you get back-seated.  I don’t mind multi-talented characters (hell, I encourage it at times, so there are back-up options), but I cannot stand anyone trying to dominate all the action.

So I gave the guy some advice, and offered to come play another PC at his table in the game.  Literally an assassin, as in the new Assassin class from WotC.  He liked the idea.  Now let’s hope he finds a night to run.

Oh, and if you are looking for a divine assassin, may I offer the Avenger class/Cleric class mix.  Take Skill Training: Thievery and you have it.  Much less goofy overlap shit too.

What do you think?


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