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WARNING! There are spoilers!  If you do not want to know what happens in the book, do NOT continue reading!

I just finished reading The Ghost King by R.A. Salvatore, and since you probably know me in person, you would know that I am a huge Salvatore and Drizzt fan.  I have been reading the books since the first trilogy came out, and while I have, at times, been less than impressed with some books, I still come back to continue reading.  The newest trilogy, called the Transitions Trilogy, focuses on the changes that Forgotten Realms underwent with it’s transformation from Third Edition to Fourth Edition.

In The Orc King, we saw the formation of an Orcish kingdom, Many-Arrows, in the Silver Marches.  Obould, the leader of the orcs, showed great foresight and presence in working towards coexistence with the other kingdoms and cities of the Marches.

In The Pirate King, Drizzt and Regis traveled to Luskan and discovered the city torn apart by war.  With the death of the character of Captain Deudermont, Salvatore proved that he is telling stories, and not just mollifying his readers.  While Deudermont hadn’t figured prominently in the stories in a very long time, he was nonetheless a loved character.

Which brings us to The Ghost King.  With the merging of a mind flayer’s psyche, the newly-made undead form of the dragon Hephaestus, and the remnants of the artifact the Crystal Shard, a new entity appeared: the Ghost King.  Bent on revenge and conquest, it began opening portals through the rifts of the magical Weave that once surrounded Faerun and empowered its magic.

Two things happen.  Jarlaxle receives mental intrusions by the Ghost King, telling him that he will find Jarlaxle, and kill him.  This is enough to spur the pragmatic drow to action, towing he and his dwarven companion Athrogate to Mithril Hall, seeking a way to get Drizzt and his powerful companions on the road to the Spirit Soaring, home of Cadderly, the Chosen of Deneir.  While on the road, he discovers something.

The second thing, (and what Jarlaxle discovers) is that Catti-Brie, wife of Drizzt, has become catatonic, her mind caught in the failing magic of the Weave, and trapped between this world, and the dark Shadowfell.  Regis, watching over the girl, tries to use his ruby as he did on Bruenor.  It drives the halfling mad.

In the course of the story, you meet Danica and Cadderly’s children, already at near adventuring age themselves.  Ivan and Pikel Bouldershoulder show up, and serve as both the passion and comedic relief of the group. (Something about a dwarven druid that dyed his hair and beard green, calls himself a “Doo-dad!” and is still passionate really speaks to me)  But what really does it is the end.


Drizzt, Bruenor, Jarlaxle, Athrogate, Thibbledorf Pwent and Cadderly take the fight to the Ghost King.  It is not an easy fight, and just when they think they have won, discover that it retreated for a time to the closing Shadowfell to gather energies to repair itself.  Preparing for another fight, Drizzt must comes to terms with the fact that, even should they defeat the beast, it still may not free Catti-brie from the fugue state she is in.

It is gut-wrenching to even read about this character who has done nothing but seek happiness, and for a short time found it in the arms of the human girl.  There is a very tender scene where he is feeding her porridge, as one feeds a dementia patient.  He speaks to her, hoping she will hear him, but knowing she won’t.  It tears at a person to imagine this, this great warrior known for fighting the good fight, for standing up when no one else will, reduced to this because of a cruel vicissitude of fate.

He even remarks, to himself, that though he can fight any foe in the world that has form, there is no way he can fight what is happening to his wife.  It is a dark, tearful and loving scene that closes with him shedding one last tear, and taking the field.  It is not written, but you can almost imagine Drizzt wishing that either he defeats the Ghost King, and his wife is returned to him.  Or that he falls in battle, and his wife with him so that they may have eternity together.

The battle is joined again, but they can’t defeat the Ghost King.  And so Cadderly, broken and aged by the destruction of his beloved Spirit Soaring, changes himself, becoming the one thing that can stop the beast.  Forever to walk the perimeter of the once great Cathedral, warding in the Ghost King, he is seen one last time by Danica and his children.  Catti-Brie is still catatonic, and all the companions feel that they have not won the day.

They all set out for Mithril Hall.

There, for one moment, Catti-Brie is given cognizance in the deep of the night.  She undresses and joins Drizzt in bed, only to kiss him, and pass from this life.  Taken by Mielikki, along with the spirit of little Regis, to a safe haven no one can find, they die.  Drizzt is awakened by Bruenor yelling, and rolls to find his wife, his lady love, dead beside him.  Both the dwarven king and the drow ranger can do nothing, offering every rich they have to Jarlaxle to find them.

That’s right, Catti-Brie and Regis are gone.  Drizzt and Bruenor are alone.

I don’t know where he’s going to go from here, but I have to applaud Salvatore.  It takes some serious guts to kill off two so-loved characters, especially at once.  And I have to loathe him for tormenting Drizzt even more.  I know people will say that that is the nature of the drow, to be angsty and pained.  It’s not.  He’s not some whiny emo swordslinger.  If anything, he is a hero you can look up to for his courage to continue on.

Read this damn book.  Now!



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  3. I’m an avid Salvatore reader. This book made me tear a little bit. The fact that Drizzt finaly found peace and happieness, and then has it taken away is disgusting.

    The book was a good read though, if not derpessing. Poor Regis. I dont see any point in continuing the series. Or if it is even possible. You say Drizzt isn’t “Emo”? Drizzt is most deffinatly “Emo” at the end of this book.

  4. Don’t be surprised if you see Drizzt slowly approach the line between good and evil… and step over. The series is called Transitions.

  5. I wasn’t overly surprised at central characters dying off, and really after 13 books with them, some significant changes are more than due. I was never as attached to Catti-brie and Regis as some of the other characters, but her connection with Drizzt and Bruenor make it very heart-wrenching. The most eerie and depressing part of their “deaths” is that they’re still on Toril, in a glen protected under Mielikki(sp?) So doesn’t this mean that Drizzt and Catti-brie won’t even be reunited in the afterlife? It’s left somewhat unclear.

  6. Just finished reading the book as well. Check page 336 again, they definitely do more than just kiss goodbye. I’m also a huge fan of Drizzt, I’ll post my thoughts on my blog because if I post here it will end up being an extremely long post. Thanks for the review though!

  7. I love seeing people actually comment on the things I write here, even if they disagree with what I say! And please, if you have a blog where you have an opinion of your own on this, crosspost a link here!

  8. Huge fan of R.A here and finished the gost king a few weeks ago.
    Man what an ending….I totally did not see that coming at all…I had to read the last few paged over n over again to make sure I was understanding what just hapend.
    Drizzt’s wife dead?….holy crap, n Regis too. This may be weird but this is by far one of the most sweetly depressing books I’ve ever read. And i do think Drizzt may go a bit rogue after this…..can’t you blame him? Damn you RA why’d you have to make Drizzt life misserable all over again…..I love it!!!!

  9. I got to the end of this series and was really shocked. I’ve been an avid Salvatore reader, and follower of the Companions and associated characters (Cadderly and company, Jarlaxle, Artemis Entreri etc.) for decades. This plot-line that I used to go to for a dependable and fun adventure seems to have dissipated, as it may have for others. So I looked into it a bit more to try and give myself some peace of mind.

    It really surprises me that Salvatore brought this “end of the world” event about and killed two of his companions. In doing so he is marking an end to the timeline of the adventures of the Companions. Whether he leaves this plot and characters be, writes back into the timeline, or makes them minor additions into further storylines remains to be seen I suppose. Though some evidence to indicate where he will go next seems to have surfaced.

    To this end, we see in some small chapters in the start and end of The Orc King, snapshots to the far future (a hundred years or so). Here Drizzt and his Moonwood elf buddy discuss the current standing of the relationship between the Orc nation and that of other free races. They talk about the death of King Bruenor and of Drizzts less long-lived friends, the passing of the Spellplague, and the potential instabilities and possibilities in this “new” world, specifically the Orc Nation’s relation with other nations.

    RA Salvatore has indicated on his website that when the Forgotten Realms higher-ups told him to write about the Spellplague it hurt his feelings and sent him to a dark place and whatnot. He elaborates a little more in his dedication page in The Ghost King. It seems the developers of the Forgotten Realms Role Playing Game influenced some of the collaborating authors to put this Spellplague cataclysm into their writing to facilitate the transfer of the games 3rd to 4th editions. This seems to be the driving force behind this radical plot-change.

    RA Salvatore is working with his son on his “Stone of Tymora” series where it seems Drizzt is a minor character. He is also busy working on his “Saga of the First King” series and seems to be shifting his attention away from his Forgotten realms plotlines. However, he did create some potential for near future novels with the children of Cadderly Bonaduce and preserving the Bouldershoulder brothers.

    So who knows. Maybe RA Salvatore felt the need to end the Companions in response to the directive from on high, maybe he feels its time to shift his writing in different directions, maybe he just got tired of the Forgotten Realms Companions and needs a break, or maybe he’s just biding his time and will come back to us with a continuation of the plotline where Ghost King left off.

    I personally am hoping for the latter, and that this gloomy reprieve with Ghost King is temporary. That sooner rather than later I get to read about how Drizzt, Bruenor, Alustriel, Obould, the Bonaduce Kids and the Bouldershoulders are dealing with the Spellplague, and what crazy adventures result.

  10. ^ You mentioned Alustriel, basemoan… Unfortunately I heard that she died because of the Spellplague. I think the only one of the Seven Sisters to survive is the Simbul. 😦

  11. Just got done reading this book two days ago. And yes… it did make me tear a bit… I knew that Catti and Regis would pass on before Drizzt is even middle-aged, but not like this. I don’t see Drizzt as emo…. his only closest friends left are Bruenor, Wulfgar, and Jarlaxle (yes I’m including Jarlaxle) so he still has people to fight for, but I do have a feeling that one of two things will happen:
    1. Salvatore will write a way for Catti-brie and Rumblebelly to return from thier paradise. This is unlikely, but at the same time, look at his track record for reviving characters thought dead, especially main characters like them.
    2. Catti-brie’s gone forever, and Drizzt, Wulfgar and Bruenor will eventually pass on and join Catti-brie and Regis in Meilekki’s paradise.

    Either way I have a feeling that there’s going to be another series, the beginning of which will begin with Drizzt returning again to Icewind Dale, to tell Wulfgar what has transpired, and maybe to help fight some trouble there before returning to Mithril Hall and travelling elsewhere.

    • Also, with Catti-brie and Regis gone, we’ll probably see more of The Hunter coming out of Drizzt than his normal self

  12. ARRRGGGHHH!!! I just read the book, and I bawled and bawled when Catti-Brie died! I can’t stand it! Not only is killing off the lead heroine incredibly cliche, but now it has happened to one of my most favorite and loved characters of all time!!
    I would find a bit of comfort if there had been any mention that Drizzt will be allowed to enter that haven when he dies, but so far I haven’t seen any implications of such, which means that he and Catti-Brie will never see each other again if that doesn’t happen. Why can’t there ever be an actual “happily ever after!?!”
    Does anyone know if R.A. Salvatore is planning on continuing his story? Because I honestly think I’ll go insane if he doesn’t find some way for Drizzt to be with Catti-Brie in the end.

  13. Actually, now that I’ve thought about it and had time to cope with Catti-Brie’s and Regis’ deaths (it really does feel like someone in my life who I cared about has died), there are a lot of hints that make it seem obvious that the story isn’t over yet:
    -For one thing, as someone mentioned earlier, there were those parts in the Orc King that talked about what was going on with Drizzt about 100 years in the future, when all of his more short-lived friends were finally gone. That’s likely setting it up for another impending trilogy or series or something.
    -At the end of the Ghost King, Jarlaxle promises that he’s going to try to find Catti-Brie and Regis, and it says how he is surprised to realize he doesn’t want money. It says, “Maybe something else compelled him then.” It’s obvious what he’s thinking, but the description is vague enough that (to me, anyway) it sounds like R.A. Salvatore is planning to elaborate on that in the future.
    -Drizzt decides he’s gotta go tell Wulfgar. That makes it obvious that the next book will likely include that part.
    -During their first battle with the Ghost King, Cadderly enchants Drizzt’s blade, and as if one of the Gods is speaking through him, he says, “You are the agent of all that is good!” That makes it clear that Drizzt is highly favored of all the Gods (the good ones, anyway). Which leads me to wonder, why would they punish him by never allowing him to see Catti-Brie again? I’ll elaborate on this a little more later.
    -Drizzt has encountered the ghosts of loved ones in the past. Earlier on in the series, when they save Wulfgar from Errtu the demon, the spirit of his father came to him and reassured him that they’d see each other again. And apparently, there was a short story that I never got the chance to read where Drizzt encountered the spirit of the Moon Elf whom he had saved when she was a child, but ended up killing later on because she somehow believed Drizzt was responsible for her family’s death. But after he met with her spirit (as I understand it) he was able to make peace with her. So is there still a possibility that Drizzt will encounter the spirit of the one person he loved above all others?
    -At the end of Ghost King, Drizzt is is utterly miserable, and he seems to have lost all hope. I acknowledge that there are a lot of stories that end this way, with the hero having saved the world, but at the cost of his own happiness. But R.A. Salvatore just doesn’t seem like the kind of author to let it end that way. He’s always had happy endings in previous volumes of Drizzt’s story. Even if one book didn’t end happily, it usually led to one that did. It just doesn’t seem right that Drizzt should spend his entire life fighting evil, denying those who tried to corrupt him, defending all that is right and doing everything he can to make the best and most honorable choices, and then not be rewarded in the end with what he wants the most: to be with Cattie-brie. If that’s the case, then there are some messed up Gods in the Forgotten Realms.
    -Also, when Cattie-Brie dies, it mentions how Mielikki is calling her to her destiny…. so… her destiny is to sing and dance around in a forest forever? Personally, that doesn’t make sense to me, and I think there’s a lot more to it than that. Granted, it does mention that if she and Catti-Brie leave, then it would invite the nightmares into that forest, and if anyone entered, then the same would happen (though I suspect that only refers to the living *hint,hint*). But still, if this is Catti-brie’s destiny, then perhaps there’s more to it? Maybe she has some higher calling that she would have otherwise been unable to accomplish as a mortal.
    -Going back to something I said earlier, it is very obvious that Drizzt is highly favored by the Gods. He may even be Mielikki’s chosen, just as Cadderly was Denier’s chosen. If that’s the case, then that must mean that Mielikki has prepared that little haven for Drizzt too when his time comes.
    See, here’s my view on Heaven and Hell (and I understand that R.A. Salvatore and probably anyone who reads this don’t share the same views as me, but I just want to get it out there). I believe those names refer to actual places, but I also believe that they are symbolic. Heaven, to me, is being with the ones you love forever. So Hell is the exact opposite. Even if I died and went to a place with angels and clouds and all that stuff, it would still be Hell to me if I never saw my loved ones again.
    So even if Cattie-Brie and Regis have to stay in that forest forever, in my view, it would indeed be Hell if they never saw their loved ones again, and it would most definitely be Hell for Drizzt if he never saw his wife again.
    So, again, I find it hard to believe that the Goddess whom Drizzt has dedicated his life to would not reserve that place for both Cattie-brie and him, as well as their other loved ones. And if my theory is right (and that’s all it is, is a theory), then that brings me back to how Zack told Drizzt they’d see each other again. So if Drizzt goes to live in that grove, will Zak be there too? Or perhaps he’s in some other paradise and will get to visit occasionally, which would make sense to me, cuz I also find it likely that Bruenor and Wulfgar are probably going to live in the realms of the God’s they follow, but may still get to visit their loved ones.

    So anyway, I dunno, like I said, this is all just theory, and most of my theories (if not all of them) are probably wrong. But still, I can’t possibly comprehend how R.A. Salvatore would want to let his amazing story end so badly, nor can I comprehend how that would appeal to his fans (and I count myself as one of his biggest fans). As an upcoming writer myself, it feels wrong to create these characters whom the author and his/her audience just grow so attached to as if they’re real people, and then kill them off and ruin their lives and leave it at that. There has to be closure, else what is the point of it all!?
    All in all, I find myself doubting that we’ve seen the end of Catti-brie. There is just so much that has been left unresolved, and even if it is left for the imaginations of the readers to decide what happens, I would feel a lot better if R.A. Salvatore concluded at least what happens with Drizzt and Catti-Brie.
    Oh, I also think we have yet to see more of Artemis Entreri as well. I used to think that there would be a final confrontation between him and Drizzt, in which one of them (no doubt Entreri, unless he found some way to live as long as an elf) would die. But now that I think about it, I bet Salvatore didn’t kill off either of them in their last fight because he’s letting the audience decide for themselves who would win such a fight, since Drizzt and Entreri are each other’s matches in combat.

    • Oh, I forgot to mention, that last trilogy is called “Transitions”. If that’s not a dead giveaway, I don’t know what is.

      • You said that Drizzt is “chosen” by the good gods yet if you recall earlier, it was clearly stated that Drizzt was in Lolth’s favor which was why he up to date hasn’t been “beaten” and the other dark elves couldn’t kill him.

  14. I just this moment finished reading The Ghost King… I’ve had it since christmas, but the low-quality of the book made me pause many times, plus I sensed that something terrible was going to happen…
    I’ve been reading the books since I was a pre-teen, picking up on Exile that my brother had bought many moons ago, and collecting all of them since.
    Regis has always been my favourite character, i’m so sad to see him go…

    The way that Salvatore explained the funeral is precisely how I felt at the funeral of my cousin last year, it’s uncanny how precise he was! I quote, “Drizzt only stared straight ahead with cold, hard, unfocused anger.” The anger reaches out to any you can possibly blame at the moment, i found myself angry at the Vicar, but that’s because i’m athiest…

    Anyway. Godamn. I hope Salvatore doesn’t try and bring Regis/Cattie-brie back, like he caved in with Wulfgar when he brought him back.
    RIP Regis + Cattie-Brie =[. I think i’ll find myself rereading the entire series the fifty-hundredth time again, just to enjoy their presence.

    • In fact, there are a few things that really annoyed me with this book.

      1. Same greeting with everyone “What do ye know? / What do you know?”
      2. GASP THE END?!?! Every time there’s a fight, he ends it with “And that was the last thing they saw” or some-such, or some other “No way out” death. He returns to the scene later with “BUT THEN…”

      3. Drizzit is better than everyone. Example: “But nobody could hit Drizzt” “An experienced warrior would of found himself doomed” Etc.

      Alot of little things like this, plus some other story-plot-holes… Example of a plot hole would be, Drizzt and Regis go north! And arrived in Luskan just in time to be caught in a week-long rebellion war, thing.

  15. im a very very very big R.A. salvatore fan. I LOVED THIS BOOK. but i also like some of u said had to read the end over and over becuse i cuoldent beleave it. and also i hope salvatore adds more to this story line i wouldent beleave this could be how it ends its not right..!:) ty all

  16. I will have to take the time to read all the comments some time soon, but as I have work I’ll do that later. What is strange, is I haven’t read the book since it came out and i just happened to wake up before work almost MOURNING the fate of Cattie-Brie and Regis. I’ve always loved the books and I suppose I could be considered an easy to please reader as I always want a happy ending even if it isn’t plausible. I’ve been reading the books since I was 14 years old when I saw Drizzt’s name on a book after meeting him in Baldurs Gate II and making the connection. These characters and stories have had a large impact on my life and seeing them go is heart-wrenching. I woke up and found this page after typing “Cattie-Brie is dead.” The one thing that truly bothers me is that there is a line in the book at the very end from Regis’ point of view. It says he keeps a cottage ready for visitors or something similar and then it says “visitors that never came.” 😦

  17. Dude I disagree, i am a huge fan and i thought the ending sucked. how could he kill of cattie-brie and regis in such a lame way, she was just walking along and a spell fucked her up? soo stupid, im all for killing characters to make it realistic, but make it heroic or something, like some dramatic end. i thought Salvatore took the easy way out and wrote some bullshit

    • And from my standpoint, he did something much more effective… he proved both to us, the readers, and to Drizzt himself that he is not all-powerful and ever-winning. The fact that his wife and friend’s deaths came in such a way that there was nothing he could do to stop them has proven to Drizzt (and by default, us) that there are some losses you just have to learn to deal with.

  18. I have been a big fan of Salvatore and read every single one of his drizzt books (and the Jarlaxle ones) and i am very upset about all the deaths that took place in this series. I am not as upset about cat but Cadderly was my favorite side character (well him and Jarlaxle anyways) and deudermont was up there and i was shocked by both deaths although i wished he would kill Wulfgar, hes my least favorite character.
    second of all to all of you who think that he might somehow bring catti-brie and regis back from the dead have not read the lost chapter…Salvatore states many times that no visitors ever came and catti-brie danced forevermore.
    As for the direction of the next series i really hope Drizzt and Jarlaxle stay together…man, i love Jarlaxle…maybe even throw in Pwent and arthrogate (or have a side series o the two of them together they’ve got great chemistry) i hope he kills Bruenor tho, because ive always thoguht that bruenor was the most useless one out of all of them (especially in battle, hes just a regular dwarf with a regular axe)and now with cat and regis dead and wulgar gone (hopefully) all him and drizzt are gonna do is complain. at least if hes gone drizzt will be able to move on with his life

  19. It’s not in a drow’s nature to be depressed and to suffer. Drizzt is different from his whole race, as we all know. But we have to come to understand that no one can be happy forever, Drizzt included. Toril is a world of danger and chance and the Companions of the Hall all know that traveling on the road, adventuring and fighting can lead to suffering if that is the result. Drizzt has not lost yet, none of them have. “You can win a thousand fights, but you can only lose once!” Remember those words from Zaknafain Do’Urden. I mean, there are one or two thinks that irk me in this book.
    1. Drizzt may as well become a paladin because he’s so damn preachy. (Now to go against that…: Drizzt can back up his feelings and will not back down if a friend is in need, that is something to be admired.)
    2. Wulfgar… It’s about time he made up his damn mind and went to Icewind Dale! He was honestly the most annoying character in the book series. He’s a barbarian that acts like a noble knight… He’s smart, I get it, but he is too indecisive. Either leave Drizzt and the others… or don’t! I don’t care if he was tortured for years by Errtu, he pulled this stunt before that! His feelings were the only things keeping him there – Pretty damn selfish if you ask me. So Cattie falls for Drizzt and he leaves? – Okay, Regis stayed around them because he feared Entreri but after that threat was removed he stayed. I’m sorry if I’m ranting but yeah, that’s my biggest beef with the book.

    I loved all the books (except Spine of the World)and I completely accept what happened to Regis and Cattie. But what hit me hardest in the whole series was Artemis denouncing himself and leaving to go back to Calimport. I want to see more of him to be honest. At first I didn’t like Entreri and ended up reading his name as ENTERI instead. But I love that character a lot.
    Moved off the topic there a bit but who cares? I only started reading this book series about ten months ago and I am ready for more, since I have all the books. My girlfriend is reading it, too and we are going to go to his other works, like War of the Spider Queen, The Dame… etc.

    But back to Transitions, I think it was a nice change in the series itself. In a lot of other books/graphic novels I have read, or movies I watched/games I’ve played, the protagonist ALWAYS came out on top. There was no Stalemate, there was no loss, there was no earth shattering shift other than the beginning where the protagonist’s family got killed by crooks, planet blowing up, or getting set up (which is not that big of a deal when compared to others.) Drizzt did not lose, or win this time. The Ghost King still lives, trapped in it’s ward by Cadderly’s spirit. If you ask me, it’s a good change.

  20. Incredibly great writing. Honestly..

  21. Incredibly interesting read. Really!

  22. I just hope they don’t make Drizzt go bad. Killing the main characters is one thing, but reshaping and twisting a saga would pain even the most stalwart reader.

    On a side note, I would love to see more of Jarlaxle in the books. Johnny Depp would make a good Jarlaxle imo

  23. Kylander, you don’t need to worry about that because in the first book of Transitions, he is still being the hero, though what he feels about working with orcs doesn’t make him all that happy. He polices the Silver Marches and still suffers the events of what happened in the Ghost King. So don’t get worked up about that. And no…… no Johnny Depp…. He does not make a good bald man.

  24. I guess I’m the rare one to actually be glad Catti-Brie is gone and I hope she doesn’t come back. Not that I didn’t like her but I had felt a couple of books back that she had served her purpose. I primarly didn’t like her affect on Drizzt’s character of late. He turned too mournful and whiney for my tastes in events leading up to them hooking up and then too soft after they hooked up.

    I prefer Drizzt with the hard edge he had in the beginning to make things happen and do what is necessary. Liked him more when he started having successes in getting in places and making friends. I saw him have plenty of good and happy times right up until he started mooning over Catti-Brie and then it was all downhill from there for me. Then they brought in the elf woman for a short space and I was like YES! she would be a cool fling for Drizzt.

    So not blaming Catti-Brie directly as she was really cool right up till the leg injury, but I am glad her influence is out of the picture. I’ll be happy to see her to ascend to something special but I don’t want her back in with the living.

    Now I am upset that Regis is gone. I really really liked him but I guess I can also side with corporate that maybe he was played out and getting stale. Oh well. I don’t see it as the end of the companions but a chance to get some new blood into the stories, new alliances, and new paths for all of them. I’ll be pleased to see Jarlaxle and Drizzt become closer friends.

  25. cant say I feel a lot for the loss of Cattie-brie or Regis because lets face it Salvatore cant kill off characters… I predict they will be back to stir up more feelings of twisted confusion, remorse and joy in everyones fvorite (or 2nd favorite)drow with no happy ending in sight for anyone *sigh* god bless salvatore for being consistent

  26. God I really hates the ending but I also really liked it. It was my third time reading the series when I got to the ghost king and I am ping for another round hope more books come out gotta say drizzit is the most wicked person ever (wicked as in awesome)

  27. I swear, though, if Salvatore ends every chapter in his next book with “AND THAT WAS THE LAST THING HE SAW.”
    Then, upon returning to the scene a chapter later with “OR NEARLY. HE THEN DODGED…” And so forth.

    There was one when, I believe, a barn was burning down, or a house, and the girl was stuck inside. She was pretty much Ducked.
    A few scenes later, “OR SHE NEARLY WAS. SHE BARELY ESCAPED, AND..”

    I mean, really. It’s not even worth reading any more.
    I hope Salvatore kicks up the game, otherwise that’s an end to the 2-generation collecting I’ve been doing with him, and moving onto Authors i’ve put on hold for Salvatore’s series.

    And, for the record, I still say his first was his best, The Crystal Shard. It had all the elements a fantasy novel required, and more. He has been on a down-slide since.

  28. Just read some comments previous to my own…

    You need to remember, Salvatore has been writing this series for two decades now. 20 godamn years. How he’s kept to the same characters, I havn’t a clue.
    He tried to kill off Wulfgar once, but the publisher wasn’t happy with the fan’s response, so he was forced to bring Wulfgar back.
    It seems Wulfgar has been a thorn in Salvatore’s foot for quite a while, as you may have noticed, because he’s tried to kick him out / sideline Wulfgar a few times.

    Catti-brie and Regis. They died, well, it’s about time, to be honest. They were getting old, dry and slightly distasteful. Their usefulness was soon to dry out in Salvatore’s writings, because he’s done everything he can with them.
    Regis, in fact, is one my my favourites.

    Now, I agree with killing them off, but the way he did it… Eugh, irks me big time.
    “Oh. I’m looking over the plains. What’s that? It’s a big fucking spell. BANG. I’m going to be paralyzed for a while and then die at the end for a shocker. Lololol. I’ll drag Regis in too, for double-factor shock.”

    The Publisher is pushing Salvatore, and Salvatore himself is getting tired of the characters. Stupid shit will drown him into a decline, and that’ll be the end of that.
    The only way out of this, I see, is for Drizzt to adopt a child. He’ll likely never birth a child, because, apart from the loss of his “One true love”, it’ll be more in-line with Drizzt’s characteristics to adopt a lost elven child (And, it’ll likely, “Look just like Catti-brie when she was a child…”.

  29. Ah.. 20 years? Isn’t it actually 30? Released Crystal Shard in the early 80s, I think.

  30. I just finished the book and yeah, it made me tear up and need some tissues. I wasn’t a huge fan of Catti-Brie or Regis, but the way the loss affected Drizzt as those two were a huge part of his life really got to me as it mirrored losses of my own and made him extremely real through his anger and grief.

    The pseudo heaven that the two are in now didn’t seem so heavenly though and that left me very sad… The whole book left me sad for that matter but I loved it and hope I haven’t seen the end of Drizzt…

  31. Did anyone wonder how in the world did Drizzt and Bruenor with the wagon and magic shoed mules walk all the way from Mithril hall to Spirit Soaring?

    They seem to have made the trip without traveling through any of the great cities of Faerun that would have been in their path. I assume they took roads and not the straight route, but even if they went straight would have cut through a dozen cities. And with Silverymoon maybe 1/100th of the distance, wouldn’t they stop there and talk to them first?

  32. Hello All,
    My name’s Walter Rhein and I’m a huge Salvatore fan. I’ve just had my own first novel published and it’s probably of the first generation of novels influenced by Salvatore. It’s called “The Bone Sword” and it’s already had its fair share of good reviews on Amazon, but I’m looking for more. If anyone out there is interested in receiving a .pdf for review, just let me know!

  33. I just finished the book and had a revelation. Though I am not sure if it has already been stated but I think I understand now why Regis and Catti-Brie where essentially “protecting” the lake. There was that rift that one of the seven apparitions or ghost liches opened by the lake close to Carradoon. Mielikki uses Regis and Catti-Brie to protect that rift, since it couldn’t be closed by Kimmuriel, similar to how Cadderly is protecting the rift by the Spirit Soaring.

  34. I was just wondering , are there any books involving Drizzt after Cattie dies?
    I can’t imagine how good the sotry line would be but I am definatley interested. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    • I believe the newest one, Gauntlgrym takes place after Catti-Brie’s “death”

  35. To be honest I felt bad for Wulfgar when cat and Drizzt got together. Seems Wulfgar went through hell and came back to lose all that he had once desired. seems to me a good friend wouldn’t of done, then rationalised it like they did, that to a friend. Good story though was shocked when Cat and Regis died.

    Sometimes to those that are the most devoted get most of what is unfair. The person I feel most sorry for is Breunor he lost both his daughter, friend and his son.

  36. Just finished with the Cleric Quintet, having already read The Ghost King. What a way to go for poor Cadderly!! After all that he went through to finally obtain Spirit Soaring with a family and young again, then BAM, you are eternally bound to walk as a spirit!!! What ever happened to Danica, their kids and the Bouldershoulders?!?!? Is their story over now?? Hopefully RA will return to them somehow. And -maybe- with the worlds separating again can Cadderly be released? Denir was working on the weave and now that the weave is repaired will he help his chosen?!

    What do y’all think??

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