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Honestly, this is ridiculous already.  It has been a year and a half since the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons came out, and the edition wars still rage on.  Can I just say something right here and now?

Shut the f*ck up about it.

Seriously.  I was against fourth edition in the beginning, but changed my mind when I actually played it.  Not that I stopped enjoying Third Edition (or 3.5), just as I never stopped enjoying second edition when third came out.  Hell, I still have a special spot for first edition, truth be told.
No, what it comes down to is a bunch of bullshit.  Most of these people have never picked the game up to give it a try, and just go off what they read on the internet.  Now THERE is an intelligent choice…

I get sick and tired of the World of Warcraft tabletop insinuations, the absolutely retarded “ZOMG, It so broken!  It suck now so bad!” crap.  Just the same as I get tired of hearing the staunchly 4E crowd call 3.5 Casters & Dragons, and other such bullshit.  If you damned people have NOTHING better to do than post this crap over and over and over again and again and again online, do us a favor and swallow a bullet.

This extends to the crap about New World of Darkness versus Old World of Darkness, Star Wars d6 vs. WOTC Star Wars/Revised vs. Saga edition.  If you don’t like one, congratu-f*ckin’-lations, you can form an opinion.  It truly does NOT mean that yours is more valid than the next guys.

I  love a good argument as much as the next guy,  as long as it has some logic, some valid arguments, and when it is over, we are still friends.  If it turns into a bunch of bullshit butthurt for any reason, I get sick of the argument.  If it gets out of hand and turns into a raging,  yelling, screaming fight, I just quit the argument.  You have obviously given up on being an adult, and chosen to be a child.  I don’t argue with children.

If you really want, I can laundry list what I do and don’t like about EVERY SINGLE ROLEPLAYING GAME I have ever played (and it’s quite a list).  It’s really not that hard to do, truth be told.  Every game has its flaws.  Where your responsibility as a player and a GM comes in is not in exploiting them, but finding ways to fix them at your own damned table.  That’s right, it takes work and personal innovation to fix it so it works to your best ideal.

But oh no, we want it all spoon fed.  Sure, there were game imbalances in many games.  Hell, there were a lot of them in the early games.  I remember some horrendous ones, including a game where you could take a light anti-tank shell to the chest as a regular person, and live.  The point is, we never bitched about how the game was inferior because of it.  Instead, we penciled a fix in that seemed fair to everyone, and we moved on.

Is the new D&D edition modular?  You bet it is.  And it works well that way.  Is it geared to be played using miniatures on the table?  Yup.  Do you HAVE to have miniatures.  Nope, not more than you did before.  All you need is some notebook paper and some imagination.  Do you HAVE to play the new Mage with the Metaplot?  No more than the old one.  Make something up.  Hell, one of the FIRST things I did for New World of Darkness was adapt the old setting materials to the new mechanic.  I liked the old flavor better, but the new mechanic worked so much more efficiently.

I am not telling you that you have to like the same things I do.  What I am telling you is, for the love of sweet zombie jeebus, shut the hell up about it already.  Seriously.  Shut up.  Beyond caring.  And those of you on the message boards that feed and fuel this crap?  YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY!  YOU GIVE RIGHT IN AND MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THESE SHITTY LITTLE TROLLS TO GET THEIR JOLLIES!

For those of you that agree with me, post some of your own house rules, for any system you have played.  Let’s hear how YOUR creativity made the game into something everyone could enjoy, instead of flaming.  And yes, I monitor comments.  You try flaming, you get doused before the first flicker of flame fires to fruition.

Happy New Year.


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