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I picked up my copy of Heroes of Shadow about three weeks ago from UPS (totally different story there) and tore into it like a maniac.  My girlfriend chuckled at me, making a bunch of jokes about me being like a kid of Christmas morning.  Admittedly, I was.  I get like that when I am really waiting for a new gaming book, or even a new book that I have been dying to read.  What can I say?  I just get all tingly and excited.

So, I was touring through the book, looking piecemeal at the contents.  (If you want my overall impression of the book, look at this post: Heroes of Shadow: A Review, or Spoooooookyyyyy Stuff… Kinda.)  And I hit on what I was really chomping at the bit for: the Vampire class.  Now here was what I wanted to see!  I had read bits and pieces online leading up to the release of the book, and I was anxious.  No class had yet really disappointed me about the edition at all.

But this was… well, it felt half-assed as hell.

Really, it was like they phoned it in.  So, I decided then and there that I would rework the class to my liking.  They missed out a chance to make a great class out of this, but I wasn’t going to let it fly.  So I set down with pen and paper, and the great program 4E Power Toolkit, I plotted out a new version of the class.

What I can suggest is that you get creative as hell with your secondary class choice, and have fun with it.  Because of this, while Vampires are primarily a Striker, but can also bring in bits and powers from Defenders, Leaders, and Controllers.  Does this make Vampires a hybrid?  Nope.  Does this means Vampires get more powers than others?  Nope.  It does mean that there is a lot of wiggle room for theme and flavor.  So please, enjoy it class re-write, and let me know what you like and don’t like.

DISCLAIMER: This work is based off the Vampire class from the Dungeons & Dragons supplement Heroes of Shadow, and is not meant to be an attempt at copyright infringement or theft of intellectual property.  I in no way take credit for the idea of the Vampire class; I only attempt to rework the class in such a way that I think is an improvement.  I do not now, nor ever will, take payment for the free distribution of this class.  Please, just give credit where credit is due.  Thank you. Erik Fry.

What do you think?

Link to PDF of the file:


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